Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shane's health

So it's coming close to a year sense we had a big Heath scare with Shane he worries about it happening again well we finally made an appointment at the U of U with a doctor for his Addison's we finally got more answers then we have ever gotten she said the med he was on is what caused the problem with the hospital stay he was on way to much so that made us feel better that it shouldn't happen again as long as we're watching his meds his potassium hasn't been up in about 8 or more months so as far as his Health he's doing great she seems like a great doctor glad we finally found a doctor for him   

Saying good bye for a year

So Shane's sister and family are gone they are out in England for a year so Jon can finish his education so Shane and Aaron went up to a BBQ for there fairwell 

Uncle Shane and Madilyn 

Aaron and his cousin Madilyn 

Aaron,Brook and Madilyn 

School Halloween Carnival

So Aaron's school had a school carnival tonight it was a lot if fun there was food,games,face painting 10-23-14 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Family photos 9-24-14

So we had our photos taken back in august with Shane's moms family but I have not got to see those so Shane's cousin does photography and she is great at it it's called Elle Vee Photography  and she got a new lense and wanted to take our photos so here is some of them they turned out cute 

Halloween is coming

Well I am super excited for Halloween this year Aaron decided he wants to go as Jango Fett from Star Wars so I had to get online to order it we'll it finally made it here ups dropped it off today he is so excited 

My dad got his deer

So on the 24th my dad got his deer and then today Aaron and I went over to my uncles where I helped bag and wrap meat reminds me of my childhood 

Our Nephew Peyton's 3rd Birthday

Today we celebrated Peyton's birthday he turned 3 years old today 

Friday night foot ball

So a couple of weeks ago Aaron's school did a family night at Clearfield high school we had pizza and got to stay and watch the football game. Aaron and I decided to show some school spirit 
Me and Sienna
Me and my Love 
Rocky and Sienna 
Mommy and Aaron
Me and Rocky 

Hanging out with aunt Sabrena and Francis 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Family Lagoon Day 9 - 6 - 14

So yesterday we went to lagoon as a family it was fun here's some photos also I'm so proud of Aaron and Rocky they tried some adult rides very proud of them 


Aaron with a bucket on his head

Aaron and Mommy

Aaron and Mommy
One of my favorite pictures of us

Shane and Aaron

Shane and Aaron
Daddy pushing Aaron

Family photos October 30,2009

Family photos October 30,2009
Our family


This picture was taken at the end of Febuary he was 22 months old

Easter 2009

Easter 2009
Aaron Finding Eggs in Nana's and Papa's Yard


So March 27,2009 We lost my Grandpa Glen he was 86 years old this picture is when Aaron was only a couple of weeks old We Will Miss You And We Love You